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Area Rug Cleaning – Your Ultimate Guide

Area rugs are always in the line of fire, they are prone to dust, spills, and other contaminants that can ruin the look of the carpet. 

Area rug cleaning is essential if you want to keep your rug spick and span.

Cleaning and maintaining your area rug will make them last longer and look like new. 

What is An Area Rug Cleaning

Dirty rugs can be a magnet for germs, bacteria, allergens, pet dander, food particles, and tiny insects. These post health risks to you and your family, especially to children and the elderly.

If left uncleaned, dirt and debris can be embedded into your rugs and cause damage beyond repair. 

Utah residents think that area rugs are similar to carpets, and they are surprised to discover that this isn’t the case.

Area rugs differ in construction compared to their wall to wall counterparts. Most area rugs are thicker and denser than carpets, which makes it easier for dirt and soil to get caught between the fibers.

Area rug cleaning is no easy task. Trusting a professional cleaner to remove stubborn dirt and grime is your best option.

If you use the wrong methods and cleaning solutions, you may end up bleeding or fading the color of your area rug.

Some area rugs are made of delicate material that requires hand-cleaning to prevent damage.

Proper training and experience are essential in area rug cleaning. You can’t just trust any company to touch your most precious piece.

How To Clean An Area Rug


One of the common ways to clean your area rug is by vacuuming. Weekly vacuuming is an excellent way to maintain your carpet, and make it last longer. Clean the backside and surface for best results.

Spot Cleaning

Spot and stain cleaning should be done immediately. Use soft and clean cotton cloths to blot out spills. Baking soda mixed with lime water can be used to clean up natural spots and stains.

Choose cleaning products that work with the material and dye of your area rug. For difficult stains, it is better to call a professional cleaning expert to do the area rug cleaning for you.

Pest Removal

Moths and termites can infest your area rugs, depending on the material. On the other hand, rats, bugs, and cockroaches can chew on area rugs and cause damage. 

Regular cleaning can help keep pests at bay. Call your area rug cleaner for more serious infestations.

Steam Cleaning

Having a steam cleaner can make area rug cleaning easier for you. Use the right cleaning solution and fill it with hot water. Roll it on your area rug and let the foam clean the carpet on its own. The steam cleaner can also help dry your area rug as well.

If you have no experience with a steam cleaner, you may ask for professional help.

Removing Scars and Burns

Cigarette burn can damage your area rugs and leave scars that are hard to fix. You can cut off the burnt portion and attach the new fabric to your carpet. You can also try repainting or cleaning the scars with cleaning agents that are designed for burnt rugs.

Scrape Stubborn Particles

Area rugs are prone to mud, food chunks, and cigarette butts that may lodge in edges, fringes, and backing. Vacuuming and washing may not remove these particles despite your best efforts.

Use a soft scraper to remove stubborn particles from your area rug. If you feel like you may damage your area rug, call the experts to finish the job.

Area Rug Cleaning Maintenance

Area Rug Cleaning Maintenance

Rug cleaning can be a difficult and tiring process, even if you have the latest vacuum cleaner on hand.

On days that you would prefer to rest than clean area rugs, you should leave all the hard work to your friendly area rug cleaning experts.

Who wouldn’t want rugs that not only look great but also have a long lifespan?.

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If you are tired of cleaning area rugs on your own, hiring a professional and reliable rug cleaning expert in Kaysville, UT, is the best decision you can make.

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