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I started cleaning carpets at age 14 with a guy at my church on weekends. At 20, I had stopped by my friends’ house and his mom was upset and near tears. She had just had her carpets cleaned. They had charged her more than they said they would, the carpets were soaking wet and not clean. They looked awful! She knew her husband would be angry. Well, I got on the phone and called the carpet cleaning company that had just done her carpets and told them “I am standing in my friends’ house right now looking at the carpets. You ripped her off! The carpets are soaking wet and not clean.” The man replied, “Hey, I don’t know anything about cleaning carpets! I am just the office manager. If you think your so smart you get down here and start cleaning carpets. I’ve got too much work and can’t keep up”. Since I had just quit my job at a pool and patio store, I went down there and started working for them. I’ve always done my best at cleaning and also felt customer satisfaction was my first priority. I have been in this industry for over 40 years and in the last few years I have been finding new ways to pass on something more to my clients. My business has never been just about me, but about my clients as well. Well, now I feel that I can give back to them as well through more choices, better service and rewards. I am happy and excited to have the ability to do this for you!

We Love What We Do

My wife Andrea and I live in Kaysville with our family. I grew up here in Utah and have lived all over, from Springville to Ogden. I have also lived as far south as Texas and as north as Idaho And as far East as West Virginia and as West as California. I have lived in Kaysville before but settled down here for life in 2003. My wife Andrea, has grown up in California and Washington State and has lived in Tennessee and Chicago. She came to Utah in 2002. We found each other in October of 2003 and were married on December 31, 2003. We have 6 children between the two of us. We love the outdoors, good books, good movies and traveling. My wife works in the office and marketing end of our business, while I am out there with you. We work together and invite you to always give us feedback so that we may improve our service for you. We love meeting all of our new clients and of course love to see our returning clients too! We love seeing all the diversity in our clients. One of the greatest things about our business is we get to see you in your “slippers” and get to know the real you. We mainly serve Davis & Weber Counties but sometimes work in Salt Lake County as well. Working closer to home has helped to keep costs down for you. WE LOVE WHAT WE DO and as you can see it is a career and not a job. We have been one of the fortunate few that have found something in life we love to do and we get paid to do it.

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