Carpet Cleaning

We all want to retain the beauty of our carpets and we want them to last. This requires the right care and maintenance.

Protect Your Investment

Carpet cleaning is vital to making your carpets last longer and looking brand new all the time. You may ask yourself, Do I need professional carpet cleaning? Can home remedy solutions do the trick?

Carpet spills are one of the issues you need to deal with quickly or they may stain to your carpet forever.

Carpets are a major investment, if you get the wrong advice and use the wrong procedures, you can do more damage instead of solving your carpet cleaning problems.


You are celebrating the holidays and one of your guests spills a drink on your favorite carpet.

No need to panic, just give us a call and we will deal with the issue in a jiffy.

Only professional carpet cleaning companies like Signature Carpet Care can offer excellent deep cleaning services that can deal with even the harshest of stains.

The key is immediate action, you don’t want the stain to dry up and be deeply embedded in the fibers of your precious piece.


A good practice for carpet owners is to have a professional cleaning done every 12 to 18 months to help maintain your carpet and make it last longer.

Dirt and grime that are deeply embedded will be removed and carpets will look good and smell fresh.


We want you to experience the Signature Carpet Care advantage and to show you how serious we are about our cleaning services, we offer everyone a 100% money-back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with our work we will come back and clean again for FREE. If you are still not satisfied with the redo, we will refund your money no questions asked.

how often should you clean your carpets


We use a truck mounted steam cleaning system that has great reviews and ratings Carpets that experience the most foot traffic on a daily basis needs to be cleaned the right way without missing any spots. They act like an indoor air filter as many types of contaminants will stick to the fibers.

Dust, pollen, grease, oils, mud and dander are just some of the things that our deep cleaning system help get rid off.

Your regular cleaner misses out on these harmful substances that can be harmful to your health and the lifespan of your carpet.

We treat every carpet like our own, making sure that the best care is given to make them look like new.


New technology has given carpet manufacturers the ability to make stain-resistant carpets. This makes getting rid of spots and stains easier than ever. This is good news for owners and cleaners like us, but we need to remember that carpets are not stain proof.

It is important to get rid of spills and stains in your carpet as quickly as possible.

We use products that do not damage the carpet further, nor cause the stain to spread even more.



Do you guarantee your services in writing?

Yes we do! As shown on our website, we offer a 100% MONEY back guarantee!! If you are unsatisfied with our cleaning we will come back for FREE to reclean anything that is needed from the initial cleaning.


Do you use a truck mount cleaning system?

Yes we do! The truck mount system has the power to get to the deep carpet fibers that other cleaning machines don’t have the ability to do, to ensure your carpet is really getting cleaned.


Are you insured? Do you have Liability Insurance?

Yes we are! Yes we do!


Can you show me references of satisfied clients?

Yes we can! We have some listed here on our website and you may also check out our Google reviews.


Are your technicians experienced and trained?

Yes! At Signature Carpet Care, all of our technicians are fully trained and have been for over 40 years.